• Transport and logistics company Logistics Neva Sever Consulting was established on the basis of two companies with long-term experience.
  • The main activity is arrangement of transportation by road and rail and transportation of large and heavy cargoes.
  • Additional type of activity is issuance of special permits for transportation of large and heavy cargoes.
  • E-tender orders and sales of metal structures and concrete products with delivery to the region of mounting them.
  • The sites of Logistics Neva North Consulting have a vast geography and are located in the following cities and towns. . Points of the Russian Federation: Novosibirsk, Tomsk, Orekhovo-Zuevo, Verkhnyaya Pyshma, Nadym, c.p. Bovanenkovo, Omsk, Yekaterinburg, St. Petersburg, Ust-Kut, Lena, Khabarovsk, pg.t. Litovko.


  • Availability of dead end sidings at the stations Linyovo, Inta, Karskaya, Lena, Syktyvkar and its own dead end siding at station Main Novosibirsk in Novosibirsk RIVER PORT OJSC with the possibility of loading and unloading of the barge from the landing place of the Ob river port. Partnership relations with SASKO Vladivostok, Vanino Commercial Sea Port OJSC, Northern River Port LLC, Osetrovsky River Port Ust-Kut, Gazpromtrans LLC.
  • Sending and receiving of the railway cars in any region of Russia. Fast development of loading schemes certified in Russian Railways OJSC, linkage scheme for the gondola cars, platforms, low bed cars.
  • Re-consigning of railway cars and containers throughout entire country.
  • Arrangement of railway transportation and freight forwarding. Well-established base of railway car owners at a discount from the Russian Railways tariff up to 10%.
  • Calculation of the railway transportation cost in Russia from any point in any direction with provision of a platform for unloading/loading (Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District, Labytnangi, Obskaya Station, Amur region, Tynda Station, Tomsk, Tomsk-2 Station, Inta Station, Karskaya Station, Obskaya Station), to be calculated by request.
  • Road cargo transportation throughout the territory of the Russian Federation, as well as Asian countries.
  • Availability of own fleet of new drop-side trucks with bolsters and a canopy of 92 m3, as well as an extended fleet of our regular partners of about 2000 cars per year. The experience of transportation from Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg to the following cities; Urengoy, Nadym, Ukhta, Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District, Tazovsky, Irkutsk Region - Kirensk, Boguchany, Boguchansky District - Muntul village, Matrosov settlement, Tenkinsky District, Magadan Region, Vladivostok etc.).
  • Practical experience of transportation of the heavy, oversized cargo throughout Russia. Maintenance and clearance of the permits (extension-type low bed trucks of up to 24 meters). Experience in transportation of the 90 ton blocks with the width of 4.5 meters from the port of Ust-Lug, terminal of commercial seaport Yug-2 to the free economic zone Yelabuga, 52 units.
  • If necessary, we will be able to work out together with the experts of your organization and develop the best routes throughout Russia, the delivery time of cargo and daily reports on the cargo location.
  • Provision of all necessary information and accounting reports within one business day after the application processing.
  • We provide services for cash and by agreement for cashless payments, including VAT! We accept VAT.
  • We will insure your cargo in the well-known and well-established insurance company in Russia.
  • Services of construction specialized machinery (cranes, bulldozers, graders, elevated work platforms, etc.).
  • Availability of own warehouse open and closed areas on the territory of Novosibirsk RIVER PORT OJSC.
  • Qualified teams of loaders and slingers in Novosibirsk.
  • We offer mutually beneficial cooperation for the conclusion of contracts and joint activities.


The road transportation division of Logistics Neva Sever Consulting provides services for transportation of the balanced stock by road throughout Russia, as well as from Europe to Russia with the possible customs clearance. We offer the following services:

  • Provision of own transport for fast and qualified delivery of cargo "from door to door";
  • Delivery of goods on DDP terms (Incoterms 2010);
  • Preparation of export declarations, selection of customs codes and other related services;
  • Our qualified specialists will help you solve the most difficult issues in the field of transport and customs clearance of your cargo.


Logistics Neva Sever Consulting company is an integrated operator performing multimodal and intermodal cargo transportation at the high professional level. We offer a full range of services for arrangement of cargo transportation for the delivery of various cargoes, including oversized and heavy cargoes, from anywhere in the world to any city in Russia. Direct contracts both with the shipping lines (CMA-CGM, EVERGREEN, MAERSK, OOCL, CHINA SHIPPING, APL), and with large agents in the countries of shipment allow to provide any number of containers in a quick and efficient way.

  • Customs clearance;
  • Preparation of certificates and other permits;
  • Stevedoring services;
  • Survey services;
  • Cargo insurance;
  • Arrangement of cargo security and escorting;
  • Arrangement of cargo transshipment in the ports;
  • Transportation of general cargo;
  • Transportation of oversized and heavy cargoes;
  • Arrangement of in-port freight forwarding;
  • Document posting, processing of documents and settlements in the ports for the transfer of goods between the sea lines and railway (motor) transport.


Railway transportation of goods is one of the types of transportation carried out by Logistics Neva Sever Consulting. Transportation of the oversized, loose, liquid, gaseous and heavy cargo by rail is carried out in the conventional multi-purpose cars and gondola cars and can be performed in the specialized rolling equipment. Employees of Logistics Neva Sever Consulting will be responsible for the railway transportation issues related to the customs clearance, loading and insurance of your oversized cargo.


  • Express delivery (as soon as possible);
  • Delivery of goods by the first available flight on the basis of priority of service, directly to the airport of destination and further along the route;
  • Optimal offers - our own wide international network gives the opportunity to provide the customers with the most suitable transportation option;
  • Maximum attention to the customer’s requests;
  • Individual manager for each customer;
  • Possible distortion of information transfer as well as delays between delivery links due to incompatibility of actions are excluded.


  • We offer a full range of services for the survey and preparation of routes for the equipment delivery to/from Russia, including the Far North regions;
  • Survey of the motor roads, bridges, pipelines, power lines and other man-made structures (road survey);
  • Design and construction of the temporary berths for equipment unloading to the unimproved port facilities (Ro-Ro, "hydraulic bridge", rigging, etc.);
  • Survey of waterways, including those that are not included in the State River Register of the Russian Federation;
  • Arrangement of motor transportation of super heavy cargoes weighing up to 400 tons by specialized motor vehicles;
  • Preparation and transportation of heavy oversized cargo weighing up to 500 tons by rail using the specialized 20, 28 and 32 axle carriers;
  • Coordination of transportation routes and obtaining permits in the relevant state authorities;
  • Performance of installation works at the place of unloading (installation of heavy-weight cargo on the foundation - turbines, generators, transformers, boilers and other equipment);
  • Preparation of expert technical conclusions on the optimal use of a particular mode of transport for a particular carriage.


  • Development and coordination of the transportation carriage scheme;
  • Analysis of the technical feasibility of the goods carriage along the entire route
  • Analysis of tangible and time costs for transportation;
  • Selection of the required means of transport, method of loading, unloading and assembly works, planning of the loading scheme and load securement, as well as production of non-standard technological equipment for such works;
  • Preparation of the required travel and warehouse documents;
  • Customs clearance of the oversized cargo;
  • Insurance and issuance of the certificate of insurance;
  • Provision of permits and passes for the export of goods from the countries;
  • Freight forwarding at the commercial seaport (receipt of documents, placement of goods in the temporary storage warehouse);
  • Preparation and execution of the survey report relating to the quantity and condition of the arrived cargo;
  • Loading, unloading and assembly works;
  • Provision of cranes or other special equipment, site visit by the riggers, reloading to the railway platforms;
  • Traffic management and vehicle escorting by the convoy cars and road patrol services cars;
  • Coordination of the cargo arrival time at the place of unloading, provision of documentation in relation to the unloading schemes and cargo insurance;
  • Comprehensive tracking and coordination of the cargo transportation route;
  • Handing over the cargo to the consignee or representative of the customer with the note in the commodity transportation documents;
  • Preparation and execution of the survey report on the quantity and condition of the cargo;
  • Loading and unloading at the consignee's site (if necessary), provision of the cranes or other special equipment, site visit by the riggers, reloading to the railway platforms;
  • Preparation of accounting documents for transportation;
  • Registration of the accounting documents;
  • Provision of all reporting documents.


2011. Construction of modular medical centers in the following cities: Krasnodar, Chelyabinsk, Cheboksary, Krasnoyarsk, Astrakhan, Penza (state national project "Health"). Preparation of the documents for obtaining the customs classification decision for the import of modules of Federal Public Institution “Directorate of Integrated Customer” of the Ministry of Healthcare of the Russian Federation, Moscow, 2010.

2012. Project development (preparation of customs and transport documentation, import and customs clearance of technological equipment for the manufacture of steel door and window profiles), Krafttorg LLC, Novosibirsk.

2013. TISK CJSC: supply of a set of equipment with full range of foreign economic services from the People’s Republic of China to the Kandinsky gravel association.

2013. Delivery of super-oversized cargo from Estonia to Novosibirsk by motor transport. SibPromSnab OJCS, Novosibirsk.

2014-2015. Transportation for the Ford auto group of five machines taken to 15 90-ton pieces with the width of 4.5 meters from the port of Ust-Lug, terminal of the commercial seaport Yug-2 to the free economic zone of Yelabug, 52 units.

2015. Transportation of the power transmission lines for Transneft, ESPO pipeline-2, Kuyumba-Taishet, 320 units. We plan to supply power transmission lines to the South Streamю


We sincerely hope to see you among the customers of our company. We are confident that with our support you will be able to achieve the highest results in your business. We are looking forward to our future cooperation.

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